Monday, April 26, 2010

School Rugby 1964 - 65

I remember this picture well. Apart from the fact that it was the only one I was ever in, I had had my knee caps ripped off by sliding over red ash on the rugby ground.

I was a bit disadvantaged on the rugby field, in a Woody Allen kinda way because I was unable to wear my very necessary spectacles whilst playing. Apparently it's a 'dangerous' thing to do but I have to say that running around partly blind amongst a bunch of crazed teenagers is also not recommended.

Our coach was always very enthisiastic or drunk. He was also our Chemsitry teacher and when he was not trying to exhaust us on the rugby field he made 2 aborted attempts to kill us off in the chemistry classroom.

One attempt was death by the excess production of chlorine gas in a confined space and the second was a more simple death by burning when he threw a beaker of petrol into a flame to demonstrate combustion and set fire to the entire bench. I think he later went back into industry after the enquiry.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Bogart that Joint!

A normal weekend in Amsterdam as it prepares for the annuall Queen's Day celebrations?

No, not this time! This large joint was lit at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to support the Marijuana legalisation advocates.

Supporters lit up across the US during the annual observance of 4/20

Toyota Land Cruiser Bites Daihatsu's ass

An inexperienced mechanic was incorrectly refitting a spare part to this Toyota Land Cruiser when it got caught on the accelerator linkage.

The big SUV ploughed into the backside of another customer's Daihatsu saloon.

Landrover Freelander takes a dip

This Landrover Freelander was cut up by another vehicle and the mechanic at the wheel ended up on top of a small boat in the Rodney Bay Marina.

New Bentley Azure falls off the wagon

The customer didn't even get their hands on this Bentley Azure - it fell off the car lift during pre-delivery inspection.

Audi R8 Melts on highway

Audi R8 melts on highway after catching fire.

The Audi V8 R8 in question, normally comes with a 4.2-litre V8 that boasts 414bhp and a top speed of over 180mph.

This particular Audi R8 was being driven by the Audi mechanic on a test run, following an oil change.

Unfortunately the engine caught fire, resulting in the car melting.

The Apple iPAD: Can you blend it?