Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Honiton Community College Teachers Dancing behind students - Video

Honiton Community College Teachers Dancing behind students

Monday, June 10, 2013

Amateur Psychos Beware! Duct Tape Gags don't work! - Video

For info sake: " It was World War II and there was a need for a strong, flexible, durable, waterproof tape that could seal canisters, repair cracked windows, repair trucks and help the war effort in general.

Permacell, a division of the Johnson and Johnson Company, stepped up to this challenge...

The resulting tape was nicknamed "Duck Tape" for its ability to repel water, while ripping easily into strips for fast convenient use."

From "History of Duct Tape" on http://www.duckbrand.com/Duck...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gangnam Style (Animal Parody)

Gangnam Style (Animal Parody)

Glass Doors: The Chip Shop Awards - Video

Made exclusively for The Chip Shop Awards: http://www.chipshopawards.com

Cat Food is for Cats

Company: Material_Works
Brand: Aldi
Title: 2 out of 10 cats
Credits: Lynn McBean - creative director

Interflora: Saying Sorry!

Company: Jolyon White and Richard Biggs
Brand: Interflora
Title: Say sorry from a safe distance

Shredder for Sale

Company: Ran Stallard and Andrea Lutken - School of Communication Arts
Title: Paper shredder for sale

Don't Do Rugs!

Company: Big Communications
Title: Don't do rugs
Credits: Tom Heywood and Vijay Ram

SlagBags: Rude Airport Luggage Labels

Company: Big Communications
Brand: Club 18-30
Title: Slagbags

Sensitive Tooth Man - YouTube

Company: Dafty
Brand: Sensodyne
Title: Sensitive Tooth Man
Credits: Written and Directed by DAFTY
Produced by Chief Productions